Sort a column of data by Lenth

Use this handy tool to sort your data by the length of each entry. Paste data directly from excel or other tab delimited text data and choose which field you want to sort by. The data will automatically be sorted based on the length of the field you chose in each record. If the data set is too large, or you prefer to do it yourself in Excel, you can use a "helper column" and insert the formula like this =LEN(A1) where A1 is the field you wish to sort by character count. Use double click on the fill + tool to fill all the way down.

First Row Contains Field Names
Sort Field:
Order:Shortest First Longest First


Step 1: Put the first row of data including the field names in the first box labeled "Fields". This can be tab or comma delimited.

Step 2: Provide the names of the field you want to sort by length in the second box labeled "Sort Field".

Step 3: Paste your data in the text box next to "Data". You can copy and paste directly from Excel or other similar spreadsheet program. Technically, the data should be in the format of "Tab-Delimited Text".

Note: Your data will not be saved, even temporarily, on our server. You will simply be presented with a list of results on the next page.

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