Remove Duplicates from Excel Spreadsheet

Use this form to quickly and easily remove duplicates from your spreadsheet. Just submit tab delimited text, choose one or more fields, and hit "GO". Voila - you will remove the duplicates from your data. No need to learn any fancy excel lingo, or convert all your data into access or other sql database just to perform this simple operation.

First Row Contains Field Names
Check Duplicate On:


Step 1: Put the first row of data including the field names in the first box labeled "Fields". This can be tab or comma delimited.

Step 2: Provide the names of the fields you want to check for duplicate on in the second box labeled "Check Duplicate On". Providing multiple field names in that box will cause the program to combine those two fields and treat them as one. So for example, checking dulicates on two fields with rows containing "A,A" and "A,B" are not considered duplicate, whereas "A,B" and "A,B" are.

Step 3: Paste your data in the text box next to "Data". You can copy and paste directly from Excel or other similar spreadsheet program. Technically, the data should be in the format of "Tab-Delimited Text".

Note: Your data will not be saved, even temporarily, on our server. You will simply be presented with a list of results on the next page.

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