Thursday July 18, 2024

Jet City Data Free Tools

Here are some free tools that we at Jet City Data have found useful in the everyday handling of Data. Most of the free tools were developed in response to a certain need that was not easily met on the desk top or in any off the shelf software. If you have a unique request that could be beneficial to other people, please let us know and we may just build you a program for free. Otherwise, please contact Jet City Data about a commercial solution.

Domain Name Wizard - Enter your keywords and let our server check availabilty on all combinations for your domain name. (using perl text parsing and command line whois)

How to Get On the Internet - Step One! - Here is the inside information to help you cast your net into the internet sea.

Remove Duplicate Records from a Spreadsheet - this tool is useful when you just need to quickly get rid of duplicated data in your spreadsheet. Choose the fields you want to check, combine multiple fields for a unique key.

Remove Extra Lines in Text - handy for condensing text copied from emails.

Compare Two separate lists - compare two separate lists of data so you can pull out only the relevant information that is differennt between the two spreadsheets.

Sort a List by length (character count) - When you need to sort based on the length of each entry in a column - this is the tool for you.

Make a list from a column of data - useful for converting a column of data from excel to be easily used in an sql query.

Fixed Length Text Scale - handy for fixed width text files to guage where the fields start and end.

List of United States of America with Abbreviations - List of all the United States, possessions and military abbreviations.

Environment Variables - perl script to print out all available variables on the server.

What's My IP?

Farenheit, Celsius Temperature Conversion - javascript

Link Manager for Facebook. - javascript for searching, viewing or downloading the raw html from all your facebook links.

E-Book Publishing - video and training courses on how to publish to the web.

Javascript Reader - Split up those long lists of javascript code into human - readable chunks.

XML Reader - Split up those long strings of xml code into human - readable chunks.

how many times? check how many times a text appears.

Mega Millions Lottery Random Number Generator - Generate the Winning Numbers!

Do you have a suggestion or request for a Free Tool? Please Contact Us at Jet City Data